PGP & GPG: Not tobe hacked

Been watching Enemy of the State? In this film, the two leaders actor Will Smith and Gene Hackman tries escape from the pursuit U.S. secret agencies. In the film is told that the National Security Agency (NSA) to place a camera in every corner of the observer places the public. Figure diperankan which Gene Hackman says NSA tap every electronic communication, telephone and Internet. Really?

We never know, but this is a big concern for the care of the privacy. We may not have evil plans, or scandals, but clearly does not have a happy.

Privacy and security is also a concern for the activists. In authoritarian countries, these people are often considered dangerous to the government, and their communication disadap. The activists do not want to clear this conversation is known by their intelligence, because they were dangerous.

For those aware of the privacy and security of this encryption technology and digital signatures to be the choice.

Encryption and Digital Signature
Although at this time of the notice e-mail security is still limited, but encryption should have been considered as normal goods. Like regular mail, or password-encryption-the same e-mail with the envelope function which envelop paper would contain a message that was delivered to the who person is.

E-mail is not encrypted, such as postcards, each person can read it. This envelope (encryption) to prevent other people to read the messages written on paper is.

How can this be made a digital envelope? Encryption is done with make plaintext message systematically so as not be without special tools.

In encryption technology that is common at this time, a pair of keys used to encrypt and descripher (decipher a password) a message that would be submitted. This pair of keys called public key and private key. This raised two key simultaneously by computer and used a pair.

To be able to encrypt the message, write a message that people need a public key (public key). Public key is distributed by the owner so that people who want to write a message can encrypt the message using that public key. Once encrypted, the message can not be described again, except using the private key.

Private key must be stored and concealed by the owner. This key is used to decipher a message encrypted using the public key. Because only one person (the key) that store a private key, only he can read the message.

Suppose Yasmin and Saman novel in-demand paper titled Ayu Utami, Saman exchange e-mail. Yasmin knows the public key Saman, probably from the web or other sources.

To send e-mail that can only be read Saman, he is using the public key to encrypt a message Saman ago already sent in Saman. Saman receive e-mail that is encrypted. To decipher the e-mail using the private key that.

What if there is someone that they both tap communication? He will only get e-mail that has been encrypted. To be able to understand the content of the e-mail, he must description first. This can only be done easily if he has a private key. But as the private key is stored Saman good, it is very difficult to disassemble for the letter password.

Well, now what Saman ensure that the message is up to him actually came from Yasmin, from someone who is not a masquerade Yasmin? This is where the importance of digital signature (digital signature).

Digital signatures are useful to check the authenticity of the message delivered, that a message delivered to us really come from the sender, as written in the e-mail header. Digital signature also ensures the integrity of the message. This technology allows us to detect if there are people who tap the message and change the content of the message in the middle of the road.

Compared with the signature analog, digital signatures more difficult to be falsified. Digital signature is used more often than encryption because we often do not care whether the e-mail us hacked or not, but we really want to know whether to send the e-mail us truly his intent. This is increasingly important with the spread of the virus seems to come from people we know.

Unlike the encryption process, in the digital signature private key used to sign the document or message that would be submitted. Recipient of the message or document can check authenticity using the public key that is therein.

So in the example Yasmin and Saman, Yasmin akan signed message with the key privatnya. Saman can check the authenticity of the message with Yasmin Yasmin public key that is on it.

PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
Yasmin and Saman-even if only leaders in the novel-is an example of the very need this technology. In the last chapter of a novel Saman, Yasmin and Saman response e-mail.

Saman wrote at that time that he will not write down sensitive information because the Internet is not secure and they can only disadap by Intel. He suggested Yasmin to use Internet Services Provider (ISP) or outside the country to install the encryption program Pretty Good Privacy.

Ayu, the author of the novel, it is worth mentioning the name of this program. Because when the events in the novel (1994) Pretty Good Privacy-abbreviated PGP encryption program, is the most famous of the public can be obtained.
At the same time, Yasmin and Saman intend using PGP for Windows 3:11, Now may be the version of PGP 2.6.3i has reached version 8.0, and is available for all versions of the Windows operating system in the commercial and freeware versions. Freewarenya version can be downloaded in
PGP is also available for other operating systems such as the family of Unix (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux) and MacOS.

To facilitate the use of PGP and encrypt the digital signatures, PGP will be installed after installing the plugin that integrates with various e-mail client that is common to use such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and Qualcomm Eudora. keys to encrypt and sign messages will appear in the client e-mail related.

When you use e-mail client in addition to the above, you need not lose heart because it is still able to use PGP. However, you can not encrypt directly from the e-mail client you use.

Currently using PGP encryption algorithm Cast, AES, 3DES, and Twofish.

GPG: GNU Privacy Guard
GPG is used as a substitute for the PGP had experienced problems with the government and the U.S. patent issues. When this second problem is not there anymore, but still continue to be developed GPG.

Designed as a successor because, GPG fully compatible with PGP. GPG support various encryption algorithm, such as ElGamal (digital signatures and encryption), DSA, RSA, AES, 3DES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST5, MD5, SHA-1, RIPE-MD-160 and TIGER. IDEA is not supported by GPG for the patent.

GPG is available for a variety of popular operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, Linux and FreeBSD. This utility can be downloaded at http://
GPG is a utility that uses the command line. Users who prefer to use graphical interface better look PGP, or search for other applications that use the GUI front-end for GPG. Distribution (Distro) Linux usually include GPG, although may not be not installed by default.

If you want a graphical interface to GPG in Windows operating system, you can use Windows Privacy Tools (WinPT). GPG front-end can be obtained free of charge in WinPT to use, you must provide the computer with the Windows operating system 98/2000/XP/ME, memory at least 128 Mb RAM, and an empty place in the 3.5 MB of hard disk. Of course you must have an e-mail client to be able to use the plugin provided WinPT. When this plugin to provide WinPT e-mail client Eudora from Qualcomm and Microsoft's Outlook. GPG for the graphical interface is also available on the Linux operating system. The users who use the KDE desktop environment can choose KGPG ( to facilitate the use of GPG.

If you like GNOME better, the interface that is more appropriate seahorse (

E-mail application can be used anywhere with GPG, but the most well GPG support in Linux among Exmh, Evolution, kmail and Slypheed to client e-mail graphics, and Mutt for text-based client. However, it is up to all the good readers. You know your own needs.

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