Wireless Alarm

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Wireless alarm system (alarm without cable) is suitable for alarm alarm bank, office alarm, alarm shop, factory alarm, residential alarm, alarm laboratoratorium. This alarm uses a motion sensor (sensor shadow) that detects the temperature of the human body, and a door sensor. Alarm is very nice as anti-theft. This alarm can also work with GSM network.


  • When the alarm detects theft, can call multiple phone numbers. One number can be set and linked to the security section on your housing, so that control of the security can be more detailed.

  • The alarm can be activated, deactivated even though we were not at the location by using Handphone.

  • This alarm without wires, so it does not spoil the beauty of the house, fast installation, disconnection of the cable by criminals can be avoided. Equipped super double-sided tape so simply attaching sensor desired place. Installation is relatively fast.

  • Owners can check the condition of the house, because the main unit is equipped with a mic, so that homeowners can listen to the sound of movement inside the house.

  • Door or window can figure out which one entered by thieves.

  • Power outages, there is a battery back up.

  • If the phone line is disconnected criminals, the siren will sound.

  • The motion sensor only works for human

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